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Creating content for the new year, marketing yourself and setting up your social media for the year can have you all dizzy.

Not to mention the first 90 days of the new year determines the tone of the rest of your year!

Let me guess…. your current situation looks like this:

✓ You never know what to post so, for the most, part you just wing it?

✓ You find things on the internet that vaguely relates to your business and you post it… just like that?

✓ You feel completely overwhelmed every time your hear “content creation”?


Welcome friend!! Over the past 3 years i’ve heard 100’s of clients tell me they can’t plan their content and that batching does not work for their business… here’s a secret, I was one of them!

My business was not growing but I was following all the rules; doing all the things I knew i needed to, yet nothing seemed to change. After a year of exhausting myself, I heard about content batching. I was intrigued- it sounded perfect- exactly what I needed. But still, i couldn’t see how batching would work when it was just me doing it all.

On the verge of burning out, I decided to try content batching and whilst I made a ton of mistakes along the way, I discovered that batching will only work when we can plan out content, prioritise out marketing and focus on the right tasks.

You can’t batch your content without a rock solid plan, and if you’re focused on the wrong tasks in your business, you will waste your most productive hours.

Every single week



Business and Content planning for the next 90 days.

Monthly content goals.

Ways to promote your unique business.

Learn how to batch your content to create loads of social media content.

Get unstuck about what content to post to your social media.
Each workshop has limited space available as I like to give you as much attention as possible.

You will walk away feeling confident to create consistent content month after month.

A easy to use calendar and year planner (my little gift to you).

all of this for only R 550!

You can choose whether you would like me to courier you a party pack which includes your workbook, or print out your workbook and support documents yourself.

Sold Out! Join the waiting list for April 2021!

YOU could be achieving these goals soon!

👉 Write and schedule 3 months worth of content.

👉 An efficient workflow that makes you feel empowered.

👉 Use social media effectively to grow your business.

This is a fun and interactive planning party, the goal is to
take that (eye-roll) out of social media and put the fun into
planning for 2021

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